Laurie Nelson

March 1st, 2021

“I live in Niagara Housing and my experience is that they contract out to the cheapest bid. My kitchen was completely renovated by a company and the end result was spaced and cracked in the flooring after a few months of having the tiles laid. The property manager for my area came to spect the floors because there were multiple complaints , they would have to repair them all. My living room tiles were in rough shape and needed to be fixed for 3yrs and finally it was done and I think the new property management had a say in that. This company came yesterday to do my living room floor and they were so fast,polite and professional that I call Niagara Housing to make sure they get this company to fix my kitchen floor as well. The one gentleman Wade called me down to look at my floor and I was so happy,he also explained that I cannot use a mop for a year because the excess water would loosen the tiles and that would cause cracking, but a steam mop would be fine. I highly recommend this company for professionalism,accuracy and quick completion of a job excellent toy well done! I also called NRH to recommend the repairs on my floor be done by this company.”