How to Choose Flooring When You Have Dogs

March 1st, 2021 banner

Dogs are our best friends. They stay loyal no matter what our mood is. They greet us at the door every night faithfully. They bark to alert us to “bad guys” at the door. They make us feel better when we’ve had a rough day. They remind us what truly living in the moment can be like.

That being said, dogs can be messy. After all, they don’t exactly clean up after themselves when they come in the house. Thus, they can bring in dirt and mud, and they can ruin the floors when they have accidents or by scratching it with their nails.

Michael’s Flooring in Niagara Falls offers the best residential and commercial flooring for your home or business. From all types of hardwood flooring to carpet, tile, and vinyl, we’ve got your flooring needs covered. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to choose flooring if you have dogs. Visit our flooring showroom today!