Engineered Wood

A Real Wood Look With a Lower Price Tag

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With today’s advanced technology and manufacturing processes, engineered hardwood floors are offering homeowners amazing benefits without the price tag of real hardwood floors. If you’re shopping for wood flooring, the experts at Michael’s Flooring can help you explore all of the available options, go over the differences between engineered and real hardwoods, the benefits of engineered floors, and even provide quality installations. Contact our store today with any questions or visit us in Niagara Falls.

What Are Engineered Floors?

  • They’re made up of layers with a thin layer of hardwood on top and several layers of high-quality plywood as a base.
  • The thickness of the boards can vary, but is generally between ⅜ to ¾-inch.
  • Many engineered wood floors come with pre-finishes, but can also be finished on-site.
  • Engineered floors can withstand moisture better than hardwood, adding to their durability.
  • Engineered floors can be lightly sanded once or twice, but depends on the thickness of the top hardwood layer, known as a wear layer.

Give Your Home a Classic Hardwood Look

At Michael’s Flooring, we have a variety of engineered wood floors to choose from. Just like real hardwood floors, you can choose between several types of wood, including hickory, oak, maple, and others. The type of wood that best suits your home will depend on your budget and the overall look you’re wanting to achieve in the space. You can also choose between matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. There are also options surrounding the surface of the floors. You can choose a worn appearance, a distressed look, or a wire-brushed look.

Beautiful and Durable

A significant benefit of engineered flooring is its durability. Engineered floors can contain anywhere from three and 12 cross layers of plywood. The plywood layers are positioned in different directions, preventing them from warping or bowing after coming in contact with moisture. Floors with a pre-finish are also scratch-resistant, making them a great choice for pet owners.

If you’re looking to update the flooring in your home and want a hardwood look, but don’t want to spend a fortune, engineered wood flooring is a great solution. And when you work with the flooring experts at Michael’s Flooring, you can be confident you’re getting the best experience around. We offer a variety of high-quality options, expert installations, and affordable prices. If you have any questions about what we offer, stop by our Niagara Falls showroom, or give us a call. Our flooring team is more than happy to help you determine the right flooring for your home.