It’s tough trying to decide the quality and grade of commercial flooring for your office, store, or factory. How long […]


At Michael’s Flooring store, we exceed your greatest expectations when it comes to your home. Whether it’s the shower, wall, […]


At Michael’s Flooring, we understand that having your home devastated by FIRE, FLOOD, MOLD, or WIND, can be extremely unsettling. […]


At Michael’s Flooring, we know that not every floor is suitable for every area. Each home or commercial location has […]


At Michael’s Flooring, we want to take the risk and worry out of your home’s new and improved look! We […]


Please move your car(s) from the driveway to make room for our installers. There will be dust and disruption, we […]

Cash and Carry

At Michael’s Flooring, our showroom is full of every type and colour of flooring you can imagine. We have a […]