What Our Customers Say

Ryan McKeen

“Brian and his team are great to work with. My experience with Michael’s Flooring over the last 15+ Years has been great. If there was ever an issue they were quick to correct it and they are very knowledgeable when it comes to complex installations. I would 100% recommend them. This Kitchen is an example of their workmanship they have done for us.”

Colin S.

“Very happy with my experience at Michael’s carpet and flooring. We went in and were promptly greeted by one of the workers and she was there to answer any questions. Very knowledgeable. We were able to take a sample piece of flooring home to see how it would look in our house. We asked for the best price they could give us, and their price was better then all local stores for the exact same product. (i called all the stores in niagara, welland and st catharines) We appreciate the no hassel approach involved when dealing with them. We were recommended by a friend who does floor installation and swears by this business. We didn’t have to mention him and were treated like gold for the whole process. They carry the major brands for LVP and could not believe the in store selection. We will be back to purchase tile for the backsplash and bathroom floor. Selection of tile was massive. Thanks Michaels flooring for a great experience’!”

Laurie Nelson

“I live in Niagara Housing and my experience is that they contract out to the cheapest bid. My kitchen was completely renovated by a company and the end result was spaced and cracked in the flooring after a few months of having the tiles laid. The property manager for my area came to spect the floors because there were multiple complaints , they would have to repair them all. My living room tiles were in rough shape and needed to be fixed for 3yrs and finally it was done and I think the new property management had a say in that. This company came yesterday to do my living room floor and they were so fast,polite and professional that I call Niagara Housing to make sure they get this company to fix my kitchen floor as well. The one gentleman Wade called me down to look at my floor and I was so happy,he also explained that I cannot use a mop for a year because the excess water would loosen the tiles and that would cause cracking, but a steam mop would be fine. I highly recommend this company for professionalism,accuracy and quick completion of a job excellent toy well done! I also called NRH to recommend the repairs on my floor be done by this company.”

Aurora Ruxandra

“I had my bathroom redone and was looking for a nice,dependable flooring. I have searched far and wide and didn’t like anything. And THEN I went in To Michaels carpet and flooring. The service was wonderful. Amazing selection. Mr Iggulden went above and beyond, showing every single sample in the store until I found what I was looking for. I would STRONGLY recommend this store to anyone. Wonderful ,professional,dependable. Great great experience. I got the bathroom that I wanted with the floor of my dreams. Well done.”

JT Knicks

Great store, great selection and wonderful staff. They were very pleasant and helpful.

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