What are the Advantages of Wooden Laminate Flooring?


Wooden Laminate Flooring

Wooden Laminate Flooring


Photo credit to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffwilcox/

Installing wooden laminate flooring can be a cost effective, long lasting and attractive way to finish your new floor. They are well suited for high foot traffic areas, are resistant to scratching by children and pets, and are very stain resistant. Maintenance is very easy and direct sunlight will not fade it.

The key benefit of this flooring type is the easy installation, the adaptability of the subfloor, and the beautiful photographic finishing that shows through the tough and durable outer layer of protection. Read on to take a deeper look at each advantage:

Installation of Wooden Laminate Flooring

A snap together glue free option is available with most styles. Even someone with the most limited experience in carpentry can install one. So not only is it good for the do-it-yourselfer, but it is also great for contractors to offer as a low labour cost alternative to homeowners.


Sub-floor – Wooden Laminate Flooring

A wood laminate floor is well known for their ability to adapt to different subfloors. If your subfloor has a slightly high moisture content, like concrete typically will, you can find a wooden laminate flooring that works perfectly. They can be installed right on top of nearly any subfloor, from concrete to a pre existing wood floor, to vinyl or ceramic. All you need is for it to be clean and level, like you would need for any other floor.


Finish – Wooden Laminate Flooring

The wooden appearance of these floors comes from a photograph that imitates real wood. The photograph is bonded to the laminate with a strong and durable aluminum oxide finish. This top layer is what gives the floor the resistant and long lasting durability it is known for.

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