How To Choose Niagara Falls Hardwood Flooring

Niagara Falls Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is one the most popular flooring options in today’s homes. It’s durable, easy to clean and fits in with many different styles. Choosing the right flooring is crucial especially for your kitchen. Since the kitchen is a high traffic area which is prone to scratching and staining, there are certain types of floors which are better than others.

For example hardwood floors will provide a wide variety of texture and colour options while giving you the added-benefit of being damage resistant. Niagara falls hardwood flooring basically adds great value and style to your home upon resale.

However, when installing a flooring in the house you need to choose the best type of flooring and flooring finish. When choosing the best type of flooring for your house you should consider a number of factors.

For instance, Niagara falls hardwood flooring is a great option since it’s both environmentally-friendly and also rather easy to maintain. You need to choose the best type of wood which will meet your needs and desires along with appropriate hardwood finish in order to have a long lasting and low maintenance flooring.

The best flooring to use is the one that will fit your budget, is durable, and can achieve the ideal-look for your home.

First you need to assess what the flooring needs for your house are. If you’ve pets and children you’ll need a flooring that’s durable and is resistant against stains and scratches. Determine the budget in regards-to your needs. Certain types of flooring are expensive and they provide an ideal look but can be less durable.

The type of finish you select for your home’s flooring is of great importance, especially if the flooring will have to withstand food and liquid spills, as-well-as frequent use. You may choose to buy a hardwood flooring that’s already finished. It will not require any additional-finishing once it’s installed. Hardwood flooring that’s finished upon installation will allow you freedom to pick-out your own preferred stain, but it’s much messier and may require yearly refinishing. Whether you’re buying a pre-finished hardwood floor, or a finishing for an unfinished flooring, take note-of the kind of hardwood finish you purchase. Factory applied finish is basically acrylic impregnated, which is the strongest water based finish and can penetrate beneath the floor instead of merely-coating the hardwood’s surface. This type of finish is a bit more expensive, but is more durable and will require less maintenance. Oil based finishes may fade over time and are more difficult to touch-up.

Depending on the type of construction of flooring you pick, it’s possible for it to be installed over an existing flooring. For example, solid hardwood-flooring is basically the traditional way hardwood-flooring was constructed & installed. It’s one piece-of wood that’s cut into planks & can be installed only over a sub floor. Niagara falls hardwood flooring has unmatched warmth & visual appeal. It’s a great choice for those who want to create a unique look which never really goes out-of style, it will also give you a great return on-investment if you ever decide to sell your home.

The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring Niagara Falls

The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring in Niagara Falls

Hardwood flooring provides a surefire way of giving your home a natural, stylish and a lavish look. Here in Niagara Falls, the residents have understood the importance of hardwood floors. If you are a local in this area who values, elegance, nature, durability and quality then you should consider hardwood flooring as your next flooring type for your home. Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly besides being stunning and hard-wearing. Michael’s Carpet & Flooring Company provides excellent hardwood flooring services all over Niagara Falls and its neighborhoods. Below are some the benefits your get when you solicit hardwood flooring services from these professionals.


They Make Your Floor “Evergreen”

When looking for a good hardwood floor professional, Michael’s Carpet & Flooring is a reputable hardwood flooring Niagara Falls Company. If there is any easy way of keeping your apartment robust, outstanding and beautiful, it is through hardwood flooring. The kind of floor you decide to use in your home greatly defines how your home looks. Therefore, hardwood flooring is a better and easier way of maintaining and keeping your home beautiful.


They Bring Nature Into Your Home

Hardwood flooring Niagara Falls, not only benefits our home’s aesthetics but also our environment. Do you really care of the environment and nature? If you do, then hardwood flooring is the utmost, superb and perhaps the only way to become an environmentalist when installing hard wood floors. Wood is natural and it is bio-degradable, hence, it does not pollute the environment. However, hardwood flooring may in turn encourage deforestation which a major aspect element in global warming.


They Provide An Easier Way Of Glamorizing Your Home

Many people would go for the cemented, stoned and tiled floors just because they think using wooden floors is demeaning. No! Hardwood flooring is in fact the talk in today’s forums and major conferences as they are environmental friendly. They provide a cheap method of giving our homes an outstanding look. In fact, hardwood flooring has proved to look more outstanding than all the other types of floors.


They Are Easier To Install

Hardwood flooring Niagara Falls does not take a lot of time to install. Building a wooden floor obviously takes less time than when building other types of floors. It takes less time to fix and install a wooden a floor as the materials needed and the people needed to perform the task are few. Michael’s Carpet & Flooring Company will install hardwood floors within a very short time. If you also want to add value to your home without much struggle, consider hardwood flooring. The hardwood floors are an incredible aesthetic value to your home. Hard wood floors would suit taste and preference of almost every individual when it comes to the final pattern and the design it gives.


Hardwood flooring options In Niagara Falls

If you are underway doing your home improvement project, hardwood flooring Niagara Falls offers quite a number of hardwood floor options. The wooden floors are easy to install and fix unless you need more of design and posh look, you can hire a professional.


There has been great advancement in hardwood flooring technology. This wide range of options includes fancy flooring options and simple flooring options. There are also different types of hardwoods such as the oak, cedar, mahogany etc.


To sum up everything, Michael’s Carpet & Flooring in Niagara Falls provides trendy, cheap and easier way to go by when building floors. Hardwood flooring Niagara Falls has a future defined by many factors especially the environmentally related factors.

Best Experts for Your Flooring Services Niagara Falls

Best Experts for Your Flooring Services Niagara Falls


The choice of the experts that you will make will matter a lot for the success of your flooring services Niagara Falls. There are many experts amiable who can offer you the services but you need to take your time and consider different factors in the experts available. This is necessary because each team of experts you may approach will try their level best to convince you that they are the best in offering the services. When trying to locate the best experts whom you can access services from, you should consider different aspects such as the availability of the experts. When taking into consideration the availability of the experts you should check on their contacts in case they really work. Experts who have working contact numbers are the best for you to work with because in case of any complications you can easily access them. Here are some tips for you to consider in hiring the best experts for your flooring services Niagara Falls:


Check on the experience of the experts in offering flooring services Niagara Falls


Experience of the experts will enable them offer you the best services. This is simply because out of their experience they will be in a better position of offering you services without any complications. Remember experts who have a lot of experience will be able to tackle different challenges that may come up during their service deliver easy hence saving you from any trouble that you may be forced to incur. For you to know more about the experience of the experts you need to check on the period of time over which they have been offering the services.


Compare the rates of flooring services Niagara Falls offered by the experts with other companies available


For you to be assured that the services that you are access from a given company are offered at the best rates, you need to consider the rates at which the services are offered. You will only be able to know whether the services are offered at the best rates after you take your time and compare the rates with other companies available from where you can access the services easily. While comparing the rates you should also check on the quality of the services to avoid being lured into accessing substandard services.


Read reviews that other people offer online about the experts in offering flooring services Niagara Falls


From reading reviews online you will be in a better position to know the quality of services that the experts are able to offer you. From the reviews you will be able to know in case there are any complains about the services that the experts offer. In case you have never worked with the experts before, through contacting the reviews offered online you will develop confidence on the services offered by the experts. In case you will like to know more about the quality of the services you will also know about it easily through reading reviews online. This will save you time that you will have used in carrying out research for you to know more about the company in case it was a local company.


Hardwood Floor Repairs – What You Need to Know

In the last few years, hardwood floors have been getting extremely popular. However, there aren’t a lot of people who consider repairs and maintenance associated with hardwood flooring. If these floors are not installed properly, there may be various issues. Thus, you need to look for high quality flooring services Niagara Falls. In this post, we’ve discussed some tips to help you with repairs and maintenance regarding hardwood floors.

Assess Damages – If you’re able to notice some clear damages on your floor’s surface, refinishing or sanding may be required. Such processes can give a new shine to your hardwood floors. It is extremely important to assess the damages properly to resolve problems. High quality flooring services Niagara falls have the right kind of equipment and use appropriate techniques to assess damages.

Scratches – If your hardwood floor has been scratched, you can use some simple ways to hide these scratches. You can use a colored pen or crayon of the same color to fill the visible scratches on the floor. However, if the scratches are too bad, you should replace a small section of the floor. You can even hire professionals for refinishing.

Cracks – Hardwood floors are quite prone to cracks and crevices. Sometimes, a hardwood floor cracks when it’s too dry for a long time. This can cause a major problem when you’re living in warm or dry climate. If you notice any cracks, you can use putty to fill these cracks. However, it is better to hire professional flooring services Niagara Falls to make sure cracks don’t get bigger in size. Professionals have the right tools and material to fill the cracks and ensure that your floor looks even from all ends.

Buckles – If you are looking to replace the buckled pieces of your hardwood-flooring, simply place a heavy weight on the section that is buckled. This will help you put the buckle back into the its original place. Once you are able to do this, you will be able to access your hardwood-floor from below to insert the required screws. The screws will allow you to push all the wooden planks back into place. If you’re not sure about the method, get in touch with a professional to get the job done.

Warping – Warping is a major concern for households who live in a house with lots of moisture. Sad part is that there are not many options available to repair the damage. In such a case, you will need to completely remove or replace the floor. But, before you do that, make sure you have dealt with all the underlying issues related to moisture or water. This is to ensure prevention of floor from future damages. .

Replacement and removal of hardwood floors can be an expensive and difficult process. It is important to stain and sand the floors. Moreover, it can be quite hard to find a stain which matches your floors. Thus, you need to look for reputed flooring services Niagara falls. Michael’s Carpet & Flooring will be your best choice for all kinds of carpet and flooring services.

Superior Hardwood Flooring Niagara Falls Options ?

Superior Hardwood Flooring Niagara Falls Options?


The carpeting industry provides several options in carpeting such as tiles and vinyl. However, hardwood flooring Niagara Falls seems to be the favorite of many home owners. Hardwood floors provide complete warmth and add beauty to homes. There are two types of hardwood floors and the difference is brought about by their features. They include solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.


Michael’s Flooring Company provides hardwood flooring Niagara Falls to home owners according to their needs and preferences. Hardwood boards can be bought in their unfinished state then the installer applies the finish or they can be bought in their finished state. Either way, flooring boards have to be finished to protect the wood.


Solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring consists of wood planks that are made from one type of wood. Most home owners prefer the traditional oak or maple wood. Solid wood flooring boards come in form of thin strips, wide planks and parquet squares. This type of flooring can be installed on grade or above. Pre-finished planks tend to be a bit more expensive and they come in thin planks that make it easy to transition from one room to the next. One of the best factors about solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished several times when the need arises.


Engineered wood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring Niagara Falls stays true to its name. This flooring is industrially manufactured, in that several layers of wood are stacked and joint together. The layers of wood can be of one species or different species. Three or four layers of wood are glued together and the top-most layer is usually solid wood. The layers used can be made from either softwood or hardwood but the top layer has to be a solid hardwood species. Engineered flooring has more dimensional stability due to the incorporation of different layers that are firmly held in place.


Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on grade, above or below. However, it cannot be sanded and refinished as many times as solid wood flooring. To ensure the floor can be sanded a few times, the top solid wood is usually made to be 1/8 inch thick. Engineered flooring is extremely easy to install.


Advantages of hardwood flooring Niagara Falls

Michael’s Flooring Company advises on hardwood flooring installation due to the numerous advantages it has to offer.


· The first benefit of hardwood flooring is that it adds natural beauty to a home since the wood’s natural appearance is maintained.

· Hardwood floors are easy to clean since they do not accumulate dirt or hold stains.

· Hardwood species are extremely durable due to their high quality. Upon installation, they can serve a home for several years without any repairs or replacements.

· Hardwood floors require minimal maintenance in terms of sanding and refinishing which is usually done after several years.

· Hardwood flooring provides warmth to homes since wood is a good insulating material.


Hardwood flooring Niagara Falls is best done by professionals and Michael’s Flooring Company offers the best services in the industry. Their experience and expertise assures clients of quality results.



5 Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring is Taking the World by Storm

5 Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring is Taking the World by Storm


There are so many options for flooring these days; it becomes overwhelming trying to decide on just one. Most people want a surface that’s affordable, attractive, durable and eco-friendly, but which one is the best material for so many concerns?

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Photo credit to Jessica F.
under cc2.0

Bamboo flooring is the latest trend in Canada for environmentally friendly home improvement, for good reason. This natural fiber is actually a type of grass, and not only is it sustainable, but it also offers myriad other benefits as well. Read on for all the reasons bamboo flooring is taking the world by storm.


Enjoy Easy Maintenance for Bamboo Flooring


Arguably one of the greatest perks of owning bamboo floors is how easy they are to clean. You can vacuum, sweep and even mop these low maintenance floors without any detrimental effect. Plus, they don’t give off any fibers, slivers, powder or other detritus, so they’re hypoallergenic too.

There’s no need to go buy specialty chemicals or products, plain old soap and water will do the trick nicely. Plus, when accidents or routine wear and tear occur, refinishing is easy and similar to hardwood flooring procedures.

Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly With Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Photo credit to Sean McGrath
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Unlike hardwood, vinyl or stone, bamboo is a highly renewable source. In fact, it’s not even a tree at all, but a grass. While harvesting trees can take dozens of years or more, bamboo crops mature in five years or fewer, and are collected repeatedly from the same plant.

Some bamboo can grow as much as a foot in 24 hours, and it doesn’t need to be replanted- it regenerates from where it was cut.

Besides being sustainable, bamboo is also only treated with safe resins and coatings. This ensures your home is a healthy environment while protecting the planet at the same time.

Add a Durable Floor to Your High Traffic Areas With Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo is extremely resilient. It’s been used in Asia for centuries in scaffolding due to its unusually high strength, and yet it’s still wonderfully lightweight.

It’s durability makes it ideal for high traffic areas in any home, without fears of damage like softer woods, such as pine, or easily marked materials like vinyl. Similar to hardwoods however, it’s generally guaranteed for 10-25 years of use, and it needs refinishing about as frequently, and in some cases less often.

Manage Expenses With an Affordable Choice – Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

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While durability, eco-friendliness and ease of use are all very important considerations the ultimate determinant for most owners is the price. Fortunately, bamboo is often less expensive than hardwood floors, as much as 25-50%, even with all the many benefits.

It is essential to note that like all things, you get what you pay for. Buying discount bamboo at a bargain basement liquidator will result in subpar flooring that may not last. Always purchase your supplies from a trusted shop that can guarantee quality.


Bring a Touch of Style to Every Room With Bamboo Flooring


Perhaps one of the best aspects of using bamboo flooring is its inherent versatility. Boasting many colors, shapes and design possibilities, aspiring interior designers can really let their imaginations run wild. Create a pattern with a few different shades of bamboo, or mix and match grains and sizes for an avant-garde experience right in your living room. Bamboo can really do anything.

It’s easy to see, once all the benefits are listed, why bamboo has become so popular for folks looking for environmentally friendly and cost-effective options for flooring. If it’s time to renovate your home, consider using the remarkable material bamboo, and enjoy all the advantages it brings. If you’d like to get an idea on how much redoing your floors with bamboo will costs, we’re happy to give you a free quote.

Cork Flooring Installation — Eco Friendly & Chic

Cork Flooring — Eco Friendly & Chic


Revitalizing the look of your home is a process that requires plenty of planning and forethought, especially with cork flooring. Some of the questions you might ask yourself before starting any renovations include, are you trying to increase the value of your home? Are you trying to renovate inexpensively, utilizing as many DIY opportunities as possible? Or, are you creating a more functional space in which to work?

For many homeowners, making their home more environmentally friendly is a key consideration. We now have so many options for more sustainably produced home renovation products than ever before.

photo credit to sam howzit
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Whatever the reasons, the best place to start in any scenario is from the ground up.

When it comes to updating the style of a home, the most important factor is the floor. Choosing flooring that is chic, durable, affordable and green can really change many aspects of home ownership for the better. But, making a decision can also seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution that satisfies every category and concern: cork flooring.

That’s right- the same cork that can be found plugging the top of your wine bottles!


What Are the Cork Flooring Benefits?


There are lots of new, trendy flooring options that are inexpensive and eco-friendly, so why choose cork? Though each material may have its share of advantages, cork is especially appealing for several reasons, such as its sustainability, low price point and variety of stylish designs.

Here are a handful of benefits you should consider when picking a new floor:


Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring


No longer a fad or quirky personal choice, it has become essential to use green products in your home. They help minimize the damage to the earth and provide a healthier environment in which to live.

How it’s produced

Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet. It’s sustainably harvested- no trees are cut down to produce flooring.

Only the bark is removed from the trees and turned into flooring, leaving the tree capable of re-growing its outer skin. These trees live to about 250 years, and their bark can be harvested every 9-12 years.

cork flooring

cork flooring

Photo credit to Alex Lomas
under cc2.0

Even the harvesting process is eco-friendly. No machinery is used- it is completely dependent on the labour of workers and a small hand axe.

Healthy and Safe Cork Flooring


Do you have allergies, kids or pets? Cork is a wonderful product for health-conscious individuals. It’s naturally anti-allergenic and it resists mold, mildew and microbes. It can warp when moist, though, so you’ll want to make sure climate control keeps the humidity under 60%.

Plus, it’s incredibly safe. Cork resists flames, is water-resistant and deters insects.

It’s also worth noting just how cushiony it feels. Cork has more give than hardwood or tile, so you may find yourself with more energy at the end of the day if you swap out those unyielding components. That’s a bonus everyone can get behind.

Affordable and Stylish Cork Flooring


Obviously, safety and cost are the most pressing concerns, but what if you could have an inexpensive, safe option that was also beautiful to behold?

As one of the most versatile flooring substances on the market, cork is a great choice for creating a fashionable look in every room. It comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. And, at surprisingly affordable prices, there’s no limit but your imagination. Oh, and it’s a snap to install even for renovation novices.


Durable Cork Flooring


What good is cheap and green flooring if it doesn’t last? It’s hard to choose one standout quality of cork, but its durability is vying for a place at the top of the list.

Used for centuries by churches and libraries — where it saw abundant public traffic — cork has proven its resiliency in punishing conditions. It does need to be protected from sunlight, or it can fade. But, with a little planning and care, cork can support heavy use for many years.


What More Could You Want?


It’s no wonder so many people are choosing to install it in their homes when it comes time for a renovation. If you’re ready to make the switch from hardwood, tile or carpet, consider cork: it’s affordable, beautiful and healthy for both your family and the planet.

If you’d like to know what a cork floor for your space will cost, we’d love to give you a free estimate. Give us a call today.

New Flooring Trends: Laminate Flooring in Ontario

New Flooring Trends: Laminate Flooring in Ontario


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring in Ontario has taken off as a viable replacement to costly hardwood floors. The obvious benefit is found in lower prices, but there are also other benefits that you will be able to bank on.

Laminate flooring is the process of combining four different layers of manufactured material through compression. This process enables a photo to be placed underneath a durable later and then adhered to a wooden core and then a balancing layer. As photo technology has improved, so has the look and style of laminate flooring options. If you live in Ontario, Canada where the environment takes a toll on the upkeep of your home, this type of flooring would make excellent choice for you. It is tough and durable but gives you the variety of available looks to match your decorating scheme.

Laminate flooring products have evolved to mimic even exotic looks like; Brazilian, Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. These real hardwoods would cost a fortune to put throughout your home, but on a laminate finish the high end look can be had for just a fraction of the price. The install is also much easier as most of these products ‘click’ together and are free floating. This all means less time spent installing the floor and more time to actually enjoy it.

Because the top coat is often a strong durable wear layer, families really benefit from the durability. The product is designed with small children, pets and high traffic in mind, and as the floor is used it wears much more slowly than hardwood which can often scratch or show each mark that life inevitably creates. Laminate flooring in Ontario or similar climates where all the seasons can be track in and the heat and cold shrink and expand building materials just makes sense.

Engineered Hardwood or Solid “Live” ?

Engineered Hardwood or Solid “Live”?


Of all the flooring choices you may make for your home, Hardwood and Ceramic will cause you the most financial pain.  The main expense for Ceramic is in the labour and preparation, for Hardwood its all three areas, materials, labour and preparation. ( We’ll do Ceramic another day.)  So if your going to pay the price it ought to be worth it.


So what do you choose, solid hardwood or Engineered Hardwood?


The differences are easy to spot.  Solid is usually 3/4″ thick by any number of widths, and engineered has a plywood laminated type core, with a real wood veneer.(a thin application of real wood)

Consumers usually selected solid Hardwood bewcause it looks heavier and more sturdy, and the thought was you could sand it many many times.  Not true.  Live or solid wood reacts to environmental changes more, heat, humidity cold etc., and you can usually get two sandings out of it.  Engineered wood should not be sanded in my opinion(even though the manufacturer says it can at least once)because experience has taught us you can only lightly sand it to freshen it up, and you take too much of the veneer off if you try a heavy sanding.

Solid Hardwood was also selected in a number of cases because the 3/4″ height was critical to matching up exactly with ceramic installations.  As well it is my experience engineered woods are generally more free of knots etc. than some solid woods.

Engineered wood is necessary over concrete, as they can be glued directly down, or floated(the tongues and grooves glued together much like laminate.)

Engineered wood used to only come 3/8″ thick and were generally less expensive comparing grade to grade.  Now engineered woods are not only 3/8″ thick, but 1/2″ and 3/4″ and in some instances can be more expensive that solid woods.  So matching up to other floor finishes is easy.


So again, which do you choose, solid Hardwood or Engineered Wood?


It’s a matter of personal preference lifestyle,  and site conditions.  If you simply like the look of the engineered over solid, or one price is better than another, that’s one choice.  If your installation is on grade or on concrete, then engineered is your choice.  If you don’t like to monitor humidity levels as much, leave your home for extended periods, or live in a humidty prone area, then my money is on engineered.

Either way, make sure you explain to your flooring sales person all of the conditions that prevail in your home, and what your expectations are.

At Michael’s Flooring we have a complete range of all types of Hardwoods, solid or engineered.

Happy decorating.