How often and how should I clean my Carpet?

How often and how should I clean my Carpet?


In the olden days, 70’s and early 80’ we used to tell our customers if the Carpet didn’t look dirty don’t get it cleaned.  How that has changed over the years. Now Manufacturers are not suggesting, but insisting, a good cleaning every 18 months to two years, or any warranty might be void.

The theory used to be if you cleaned your Carpet, you would remove any of the Stain resisting treatments i.e.; scotch guard, stain release, and stain master.  This is not the case.  Carpet is fabric, you wouldn’t wear a shirt for 5 years without washing it, and the same goes for Carpet.


So how do I clean my Carpet?


First and foremost choose the method.  You can shampoo, steam, Roto static, dry clean etc. Second, choose the cleaner, who should be reputable, bondable, insured and able to supply you with references if requested.  The company you choose should visit your home, and decide the best method in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. (Supplied by your Carpet Retailer)

I prefer deep steam extraction, using a truck mounted cleaning system.

In between cleanings, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning should keep your investment looking new for a long time to come.

Remember, before you try any spot cleaners; use a scrap of left over Carpet, or the back of a closet as a test area, to make sure you do not permanently discolour your Carpet.

With proper maintenance all warrantees will be in effect and you should be able to enjoy your Carpet purchase for many years.