Cork Flooring Options


With the ever increasing awareness of using renewable resources, Michaels is pleased to carry the Wicanders line of Cork flooring. Cork has been used as flooring for centuries, however it is only in more recent years that it has been manufactured as consumer friendly tiles and planks with snap / click lock joints.

Cork used in the manufacture of cork flooring comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The bark is harvested by peeling it away from the trunk and branches every 9 – 12 years and does not necessitate the felling of the tree. Unlike other types of trees that may die when they have their bark removed, the Cork Oak survives and will grow back its bark again within a decade. As these trees can live  200 years or more it means that the cork can be harvested many times over, which makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of a wide variety of products, the most common clearly being cork floors and wine corks.

Some of the benefits of cork floors are:

    • Its naturally hypoallergenic and antistatic, as such, in the form of flooring it very much suits allergy sufferers.
    • Cork flooring has shock absorbing properties that appeal to the elderly or those that suffer from aching joints or back and bone complaints and gives an under foot level of comfort that simply cannot be matched by any other kind of wooden floor. Furthermore, despite its rubbery feel, cork is tough, durable and does not scuff easily.
  • A cork floor is great if you have kids too. Unfortunately children can have the occasional fall; cork in the playroom will probably mean that the effects of such a fall can be kissed away rather than require an ice pack on a nasty bruise.

So if any of these qualities peak your interest, cork flooring may be right for you! Let us help you decide today by calling for a free in home estimate or visiting our showroom.