New Flooring Trends: Laminate Flooring in Ontario


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring in Ontario has taken off as a viable replacement to costly hardwood floors. The obvious benefit is found in lower prices, but there are also other benefits that you will be able to bank on.

Laminate flooring is the process of combining four different layers of manufactured material through compression. This process enables a photo to be placed underneath a durable later and then adhered to a wooden core and then a balancing layer. As photo technology has improved, so has the look and style of laminate flooring options. If you live in Ontario, Canada where the environment takes a toll on the upkeep of your home, this type of flooring would make excellent choice for you. It is tough and durable but gives you the variety of available looks to match your decorating scheme.

Laminate flooring products have evolved to mimic even exotic looks like; Brazilian, Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. These real hardwoods would cost a fortune to put throughout your home, but on a laminate finish the high end look can be had for just a fraction of the price. The install is also much easier as most of these products ‘click’ together and are free floating. This all means less time spent installing the floor and more time to actually enjoy it.

Because the top coat is often a strong durable wear layer, families really benefit from the durability. The product is designed with small children, pets and high traffic in mind, and as the floor is used it wears much more slowly than hardwood which can often scratch or show each mark that life inevitably creates. Laminate flooring in Ontario or similar climates where all the seasons can be track in and the heat and cold shrink and expand building materials just makes sense.