How to Protect Floors From Scratching by the Dining Table


Some people hesitate to trade in their wall-to-wall carpeting, which can retain dust and allergens, because they fear a new wood, laminate or ceramic floor will become scratched and dinged in a short time from heavy furniture or sliding chairs. However, there are ways to avoid those scratches.

Protect Floors With Pads or Cushions


Protect Floors


Placing a throw rug under a heavy dining table is a quick way to prevent table or sofa legs from scratching a floor, but it is harder to slide out the table chairs. Another method is to attach a cushion of some sort on the bottom of each leg.

Small cushioning devices come in a variety of materials such as cork or felt. The ones that fit over the end of a table leg are usually made of rubber. They help keep a table from moving while protecting against scratches when it is moved.

Other types of pads attach to the bottom of table legs. These are attached by nails, screws or glue. There are self-adhesive “gliders” that are a snap to install. They simply peel and stick. Gliders can be used on all the furniture in a room to prevent scratches and marring.


Scratch-Proof Flooring (Protect Floors)


The best way to protect a new floor from furniture scratches is to use flooring that is scratch-proof in the first place.


Protect Floors – Hardwood




It is difficult to beat the look and feel of a real wood floor. Hardwood floors of oak, hickory or Brazilian cherry are among the hardest you can buy. While the wood itself is scratch-resistance, several coats of a hard finish improve its ability to resist scratching even more. Aluminum oxide finishes applied under factory conditions are the most durable.


Protect Floors – Laminates



Laminate floors offer a great deal of latitude for interior design, since they are created in so many patterns and colors. Laminates feature a hard top wear layer that is difficult to scratch. Most resist impacts or indenting to a greater degree than many hardwoods. There are laminates that simulate expensive tropical hardwoods at a fraction of the price of real wood flooring.

Protect Floors Ceramic




Ceramic or porcelain tiles offer even more degrees of freedom in your home’s design than laminate products. They are manufactured in a mind-numbing variety of sizes, colors and styles. Border tiles or tiles of different colors can be used to create unique floor designs. Besides possessing very high scratch resistance, they also resist stains, fire and fading from sunlight. Finishes range from glossy to matte to slip-resistant.


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