How to Choose a Carpet


Consumers today have an almost unimaginable array of selections when choosing floor coverings. Yet, carpeting wins easily as the most popular choice by homeowners. It is easy to see why. Carpet has distinct features, practical and aesthetic, which set it apart from hard flooring alternatives such as tile or hardwood.

How to Choose a Carpet – Warmth, Comfort, Silence and Safety


How to Choose a Carpet

How to Choose a Carpet

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Carpet is an energy efficient choice due to its natural thermal barrier. Up to 12 percent of the heat lost through a hard floor is retained by a carpeted surface. With quality padding, it is hard to beat the underfoot comfort of carpeting. Its ability to absorb sound means your home is a quieter place in which to dwell. Studies have shown that carpets non-slip surface reduces significantly the occurrence of falls. When falls happen, the cushioning effect of carpet reduces the chance of a serious injury.

With all those practical advantages plus the broad selection of styles, colors, textures and fibers, it is no wonder that carpeting is preferred by the majority of homeowners.


How to Choose The Best Quality Carpet

With the sheer number of styles, colors and so on, choosing the perfect carpet for your home may seem daunting. Narrow down your selections by first considering your needs and situation.

If you have pets and children, look for carpet designed for high traffic and that offers exceptional stain-resistance. Nylon fibers are the most versatile and readily accept soil-resistance treatments. Other types of fibers include olefin, polyester and wool.

Do not skimp on quality. The three key features that determine the quality of carpeting are the type of fiber, the amount of twist in the tufts and the density of the pile. A tighter twist and higher density are good. A tight twist helps carpet retain its texture. When spreading the tufts apart, look for the carpet backing. It is barely visible in high quality carpeting.


Quality Padding Increases Comfort and Durability


How to Choose a Carpet


Carpet padding improves the walking comfort and longevity of your carpeting. It adds to the heat and sound insulating properties of your carpet too. Thicker is better when it comes to padding. The best padding provides a moisture barrier and odor reducing technology.

How to Choose a Carpet – Planning Your Shopping


You need not use the same carpeting throughout your home. Consider your needs for each room separately. Identify which areas require carpet designed for high traffic and which areas, such as the dining room, require a special look and feel. Think about your choice of colors. Lighter colors may not be the best choice where there is high use, but they can make smaller rooms seem larger.

Once you determine the needs of each area, take approximate measurements of each room so you can estimate the amount of carpeting you will need. Exact measurements will be taken later by an installation estimator.


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