OMG my hardwood gaps, Bad job or maybe it’s just too dry?


Generally there are no hard and fast rules when Hardwood Gaps or moves apart. Just as there are no hard and fast rules as to how much of a gap is too much. Sometimes you can slip a business card in a gap, other times a credit card or a Looney, there are no industry standards so consumers often blame the installer, when it’s not an installation problem at all, but something as simple as synchronising your home environment with your new floors.

Solid Hardwood moves, mainly due to the amount of humidity in a home. Too much, it swells, too little and it moves apart. It’s usually a summer winter thing. Hardwood Manufacturers suggest relative humidity in your home should be around 50 to 55 percent all year round so buy yourself a humidistat and monitor it. You may even have to buy a humidifier for the winter, and a dehumidifier for summer, central air is a must. It takes hard work to maintain Hardwood.

If you like the look of real Hardwood without as much maintenance then maybe engineered wood is for you, but that’s for next time. You can find a selection of great Hardwoods and other flooring suggestions, at our Michaels Flooring web site

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