Hardwood Flooring: A Timeless Solution


Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring has been a staple of interior design for years and although there are new materials and technologies that have come into the forefront of home decorating, hardwood flooring has continued to be a staple of practical and attractive design. There are two main types of grades that fit most categories of hardwood; clear and select. Clear grades are usually considered the to be the highest grade available and do not have natural markings. Select grades may have natural markings to add character but do not have splits or other markings that are not naturally ingrained in the wood.

Hardwood flooring no longer needs to be all about adding character to your space. For fans of interior designs that are clean and polished, select grades are the ideal solution. These grades allow for a space that has tight fitting lines that are free from markings and yet still offer an elegant real wood look that simply cannot be had with laminate flooring options. If you are a fan of modern design then selecting a type of flooring out of this grading category is the right option for you.

Select grades are the original timeless hardwood look that is often thought of when choosing a flooring option. These types are great for families or heavier traffic areas as well as perfectly fitting into the right scheme of decorating. If you have a family and worry about marks or scratches on your floor driving you crazy, than perhaps a select grade is the best option. Select grades can often hide the imperfections that life can present in such a way that they simply add extra character to your space.

Whichever grade you choose hardwood flooring is a wonderful choice and will emphasize classic design in your home.