Starting Your New Home Remodel With Vinyl Tile Flooring

Starting Your New Home Remodel With Vinyl Tile Flooring


Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Everyone dreams of one day owning their own home. Most people will buy a used home with the intent of remodeling it. Starting with new vinyl tile flooring can be a great way to begin your remodeling project and set the mood for each room. This can inspire you to design the rest of your new starter home.

Buying the perfect new home is a great first step when you’re investing in your future. But unless the previous owner was your brother or best friend it is very likely that it will not be very ‘you.’ Even with your furniture, possessions and a quick paint job your new home can still feel like it belongs to someone else. While there are innumerable ways to go about customizing your home, your floors are in every room and set the tone from the bottom.

All too often older homes have flooring that is from a bygone era. A 1970’s style techni-color scheme may have been appealing back in the days of Andy Warhol, but nowadays it will not fit in at all with modern furniture or appliances. This clash can make your home look tacky and uninviting.

The great thing about laminate flooring isn’t how long it lasts or how easy it is to install or any of that boring stuff, it’s about how great it looks and how many options there are! You can get every type of stone look from regular tiles to randomly arranged cobble, to every type of hardwood grain from dark to light, even metallic and leather looks can be found. You get all of that with the benefit of it being easier to clean than the material it is imitating and a breeze to install.

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Crazy Flooring Myths You Didn’t Know About

Crazy Flooring Myths You Didn’t Know About


Are you ready for the flooring myth busters to swing into action?

Many consumers feel that the larger big box stores can deliver the goods, less expensive, faster, better and with more variety and selection, than smaller independent, stand alone flooring stores.  I am here to tell you as a part owner of said smaller institution in my opinion, humble as it may be, we can’t be beat.

Are you ready? Lets tackle the issues in the order I have stated them.

Less expensive, I don’t think so.

Over the years, with mergers, and closings etc., especially in Canada, we have had to turn to the U.S. market more and more, very few Flooring products are manufactured in this country any more. Everything from Carpet, to Laminates and Hardwoods, Ceramic tiles and Vinyl flooring wind up on our door step from another country. In short, most of us end up purchasing from the same manufacturer/distributor pool. Generally,  how much, or how little we purchase from a particular supplier is reflected in what we pay for materials.  In a lot of instances smaller independent stores pay the same or less for product than big box stores, which is why it is extremely important to price apples to apples when comparison shopping. Sometimes the names have been changed to protect the innocent, so simply bring us a sample and more than likely we know what the product is or we can match it to one of our samples. As well, some of the larger Big box type stores have items manufactured specifically for them, usually we can find a close match or a reasonable alternative. It’s also extremely important to find our where the products are manufactured. Keep in mind also that when pricing an installed product, its the bottom line that counts.

Faster, could be a tie.

As I stated above, we all mostly purchase from the same supplier pool, and bigger doesn’t mean they get it any faster. If its back ordered for us, its back ordered for them. We all stock some items, which are specific to location etc., that can be had on the spot, but unless you plan to install something yourself, by the time the job is measured, priced and signed and sealed, the delivery is usually when you want it.

More variety, not a chance.

At Michael’s Flooring we have almost 5000 square feet devoted to flooring of every description, Hardwoods, Laminates, Ceramics, Corks, Vinyls, specialty commercial and on and on. If by chance we don’t have it, we try and source it for you.

Better, try us on for size.

We’ll be happy to supply references on any of the type of flooring installations you require, as should most independent flooring stores. Ask around, find out the word on the street.  Our installers are seasoned veterans. Our estimaters have years of experience in making sure your job is fine tuned to suit you, and OUR ESTIMATES ARE FREE.

So you be the judge, it’s always better to get more than one price anyway. Let the smaller independents prove their worth to you, and find out if it’s Big box or Big Myth.


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