How To Get Superior Tile Installation in Niagara Falls?

Tile Installation in Niagara Falls

For a stylish and durable floor, it is essential that you find the best service for tile installation in Niagara Falls. With a reputable company taking care of your flooring needs, you will get the best value. There are many types of tile materials available to suit the preference of the users. If you are looking to have a home that is friendly to the environment, you should choose this option. It is important to note that most tile production companies have created a production method that used a closed loop in recycling. The water and material used are reused and this ensures that only minimal amounts are sent to the landfills or waste water management systems. The tiling material has been a top choice for builders for many years and will continue to be due to the vast benefits that can be enjoyed.


The Benefits of Tile Installation


With proper tile installation in Niagara Falls, the floor will last for an extended period of time. It is resistant to wear and tear even after years of use. It can last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. A lot of other alternative materials require periodic replacement. This means that tile installation is the ideal choice for long term cost-effectiveness. Make certain that you get high quality tiling to mitigate the drawbacks of weak floors. The current market has improved on the technology of manufacturing to create very sturdy products.


Tile installation is a good choice for those who require hypoallergenic environments. Some floors create perfect conditions for the growth of microorganisms and pest that are potentially harmful. Tiles create a hostile environment that discourages the growth of bacteria, fungi and mites. The cleaning needs of tile floors are also quite simple. Warm water and a cloth will suffice and the need for chemicals and cleaners is limited. With frequent and proper cleaning, the stylish look of your tile flooring will remain for decades.


Tile installation in Niagara Falls is the best choice for improved air quality in the homes. There are volatile organic compounds found in most building materials. They contribute to some health problems and most people will find their general state of wellbeing reduce drastically within such buildings. While most companies are trying to reduce the VOCs, there is none that has the advantage of tiles. The lack of organic compounds in tiles is attributed to the extreme temperature in the kilns during the production process. The adhesives used when the tiles are being laid should also be free of these harmful compounds.


The availability of tiles is wide in every region. There are many suppliers in Niagara Falls to suit the presented needs. Diligent research should be done to find the most suitable for the pertinent rooms. Tiles offer more than smooth functionality; there are a variety styles and colors to choose from. Look for a design that matches with the rest of your interior work. If you are not sure of the choices available for your property, seek professional advice. There are a lot of technical details that should be considered for extended durability and quality services.


Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Engage an expert for your tile installation in Niagara Falls to help you make a good decision. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most popular choices for flooring materials in this category. Each has some advantages over the other. Ceramic tiles are best installed indoors. Since they are manufactured at relatively lower temperatures, they may become brittle if placed in area that has fluctuations in temperature. However, the price is favourable if there are budget constraints to be considered and cutting during installation is easier. If you choose to use the ceramic variety, make certain that you find those that have been enhanced to extend the lifespan.


Porcelain is the sturdier choice especially if you are considering tiling a porch. Due to the high temperatures during manufacturing, they have a more solid body. The probability of chipping is low and it can take high pressure. This makes it ideal for places with high traffic as well as kitchen counters that are used heavily. You can get a variety of designs including a natural stone look that requires minimal maintenance to keep looking good. Choose the best company for tile installation in Niagara Falls to enjoy the full benefits.

Superior Ceramic Laminate Flooring Kitchen Prodcuts

Ceramic Laminate Flooring Kitchen Products



Ceramic laminate flooring kitchen products are excellent and affordable choices for creating stylish and long-lasting finishes for any kitchen. The large variety of colors, sizes and designs in tile make it an ideal material for floors, counter tops and walls. Laminate flooring, in planks or tile shapes, lend a rich elegance, warmth and comfort to kitchen floors.

Porcelain Tile Products


Although porcelain tiles may appear to be a variety of ceramic tiles, their manufacturing process is quite different. They are made from finer clays that are fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic tiles, which makes them virtually non-absorbent, scratch and chip resistant. They are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and work well in outdoor installations.

Many porcelain tiles have greater strength and resistance to wear than even granite. They are most commonly used on floors, but are also a good choice for counter tops if the underlying structure is designed to handle their weight.

Ceramics – Ceramic Laminate Flooring Kitchen Products

Ceramic TileThe biggest advantage to ceramic tile compared to porcelain is their cost. Because of the materials used and lower firing temperatures, they can be produced at a lower cost.

Ceramic tiles are structurally designated by their PEI rating from 2 to 4. PEI 2 tiles are only for wall installations. PEI 3 and 4 ratings mean the tile can be subjected to light or heavy foot traffic, respectively. Ceramic tiles should never be used outdoors because they are not impermeable to moisture.

Perhaps more than other materials, tiles offer the most freedom of design throughout a kitchen. Colors and patterns can complement one another on the backsplash, counter top and floor.


Laminates – Ceramic Laminate Flooring Kitchen Products


LaminatesFor kitchen floors, laminates effectively simulate exotic hardwoods while providing equal or better durability and lower installation and maintenance costs. They are made in thicknesses from 8 to 15 mm.

Laminate flooring features a top wear layer plus a pattern image on top of either medium or high-density fiberboard. The bottom layer of laminate flooring is called the balancing layer. It often acts a moisture barrier. Most laminates utilize a tight, locking tongue-and-groove system of attachment so that no nails or screws are required.

Besides the rich designs that laminates lend to any kitchen, laminate flooring is easy to clean. If it is installed as a floating floor with padding, it is comfortable to stand on for long periods.

Shopping for Quality Materials Products


The kitchen is one place in your home where it pays to shop for the highest quality materials. That is why Michael’s carry only the top brands in tile such as Olympia, Ceretec, Sarana, Midgley and West, Interstyle and Centura. Michael’s also carries the leading brands in laminate flooring. Stop by our showroom to view your options in person.

How to Protect Floors from Scratching by the Dining Table

How to Protect Floors From Scratching by the Dining Table


Some people hesitate to trade in their wall-to-wall carpeting, which can retain dust and allergens, because they fear a new wood, laminate or ceramic floor will become scratched and dinged in a short time from heavy furniture or sliding chairs. However, there are ways to avoid those scratches.

Protect Floors With Pads or Cushions


Protect Floors


Placing a throw rug under a heavy dining table is a quick way to prevent table or sofa legs from scratching a floor, but it is harder to slide out the table chairs. Another method is to attach a cushion of some sort on the bottom of each leg.

Small cushioning devices come in a variety of materials such as cork or felt. The ones that fit over the end of a table leg are usually made of rubber. They help keep a table from moving while protecting against scratches when it is moved.

Other types of pads attach to the bottom of table legs. These are attached by nails, screws or glue. There are self-adhesive “gliders” that are a snap to install. They simply peel and stick. Gliders can be used on all the furniture in a room to prevent scratches and marring.


Scratch-Proof Flooring (Protect Floors)


The best way to protect a new floor from furniture scratches is to use flooring that is scratch-proof in the first place.


Protect Floors – Hardwood




It is difficult to beat the look and feel of a real wood floor. Hardwood floors of oak, hickory or Brazilian cherry are among the hardest you can buy. While the wood itself is scratch-resistance, several coats of a hard finish improve its ability to resist scratching even more. Aluminum oxide finishes applied under factory conditions are the most durable.


Protect Floors – Laminates



Laminate floors offer a great deal of latitude for interior design, since they are created in so many patterns and colors. Laminates feature a hard top wear layer that is difficult to scratch. Most resist impacts or indenting to a greater degree than many hardwoods. There are laminates that simulate expensive tropical hardwoods at a fraction of the price of real wood flooring.

Protect Floors Ceramic




Ceramic or porcelain tiles offer even more degrees of freedom in your home’s design than laminate products. They are manufactured in a mind-numbing variety of sizes, colors and styles. Border tiles or tiles of different colors can be used to create unique floor designs. Besides possessing very high scratch resistance, they also resist stains, fire and fading from sunlight. Finishes range from glossy to matte to slip-resistant.


Shop a Full Range of Flooring Materials and Protect Floors


At Michael’s Flooring in Niagara Falls, Ontario, we carry dozens of lines of flooring in all materials. Stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday.

Should You Choose Ceramic Tiles Over Porcelain ?

Should You Choose Ceramic Tiles Over Porcelain ?


“I’m thinking of changing my Kitchen, Entry and Bathroom floors, do I use Ceramic or Porcelain tiles?”

“My friends advise me that Ceramic tiles will chip and crack, and Porcelain will not?”

Some of the things customers ask of us when the process of deciding to purchase new flooring for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Entries begins.  First though, we need to know the difference between, Ceramic and Porcelain tiles.

Ceramic tiles are generally made from a clay base or a mixture of clay with other materials added, finished with a hard glaze which carries the colour and pattern,  they are then Kiln fired, much the same as you would fire a coffee cup or a vase at a ceramic class.  The clay is usually red or white.  My experience has been, the redder the clay base the less expensive and less durable the tile, this is only my experience.  I have found that generally the greyer the bisque(or clay) the more durable the tiles.  These tiles can be used on both the floor and wall.  If you chip them, you will usually see the clay bisque, as the colour will come off with the chipped glaze.


Ceramic Tiles or Porcelain?


Ceramic tiles are generally a softer product, that cuts easier, and has a higher water absorbtion rate, and should not be used outside, or in conditions that may freeze.

Porcelain tiles are generally made by what is known as the dust pressed method from porcelain clay.  This results in a denser tile, impervious, fine grained and generally smooth.

Porcelain tiles can be crafted to look more like natural stones, and come glazed or unglazed, have a lower water absorbtion rate and are extremely durable.  Some Porcelain tiles are classed as frost proof, with a water absorbtion rate of less than o.5%.  These can be used  outdoors on porches, walkways, sunrooms etc., and unglazed are recommended.

Most consumers are under the impression that Porcelain tiles have the colour all the way through so that if they chip, you cannot tell.  This is only true in what we call a full body Porcelain tile, which are generally more expensive than regular Porcelain tiles.


Ceramic Tiles Can Contain Slightly Larger or Slightly Smaller Tiles in Each Run


This may mean a slighter larger grout line than you may wish.  This is because during the firing, some tiles contain more mositure than others and dry differently. I have found that in general Porcelain tiles are more consistant in size.

So which is it, Ceramic or Porcelain?  It’s really up to you.  Ceramic is generally less expensive, and you may not like the look of Porcelain.

Porcelain tiles seem to me to be more varied, and some have that natural stone look without the expense and maintainence.

Remember though,  it’s all in the installation(something we’ll talk about another day) and other than outdoors, or in a commercial application, it really shouldn’t matter which tile you choose.

At Michael’s Carpet & Flooring we have a great selection of tiles to suit any need and fit into any budget.

Happy decorating.

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